Never Give Up. Go Get'em.

With an infectious grin, never-ending positivity, and ferocious will to fight the cancer, he was hell-bent on beating the odds. He brought a smile to everyone he encountered. Rob did everything possible to fight the disease, from approved chemotherapy options & surgery to homeopathic treatments such as diet change and vitamin C therapy. After 3 years of fighting and no other suitable options to help, he succumbed to the disease surrounded by his family in June 2020.

Osteosarcoma, also called osteogenic sarcoma, is the most common type of bone sarcoma and typically starts in bone cells in the arms, legs or pelvis, usually affecting people between the ages of 10 and 30. As a primary bone cancer (cancer that starts in the bone) this disease only accounts for fewer than 0.2 percent of all cancers, according to the American Cancer Society. Each year, approximately 1000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States. Learn more about Osteosarcoma from our linked resources.

Photo Cred: Yasmin Khajavi
As a foundation, we have two key missions.
Bring broader awareness to Osteosarcoma, a rare cancer.
Help raise funds to aid medical research in finding more treatments for Osteosarcoma

In Rob’s memory, we will keep his infectious, positive spirit alive and help as many as we can have a Good Day.
We are an established 501c3 foundation.

The Good Day Team